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1 Jun, 2023

Information Security Brief - June 2023

Hello, it's ME?

Artificial Intelligence

AI can and is being used to increase the efficiency of security measures; however, it is also being used to create harmful, targeted, and more sophisticated cyber threats. AI threats are not just behind screens; they are in your ear. Malicious actors are utilizing not only SPAM emails and other digital attacks but also spoofing customers' voices to gather personal information and approve the transfer of funds.[1]

Joana Stern of The Wall Street Journal proved this theory by cloning herself with AI, which successfully fooled her bank and her family.[2] Attackers will often pair these attempts with a sense of urgency in hopes that they can catch the employee off-guard. It is no longer enough to hear someone quickly confirm on the phone.

Below are steps you can take to protect yourself and your customers from these attacks.

  • Listen - If spam is suspected, avoid speaking first and let the caller speak. Whoever is calling you could be recording snippets of your voice and later using it to impersonate you. A simple "Hello, who is this?" may be too much.
  • Quality of Questions - Ensure the questions you are asking are in-depth. Don't be afraid to have a personal conversation if you are unsure who you are talking to is who they say they are. It is not impolite; it's assurance.
  • Think Before You Click - Cyber attackers use AI to craft and scale unique SPAM emails. Always hover before you click any links to see the full URL.
  • Limit Personal Data - Always be aware of what information you submit online. If you are utilizing a productivity resource, be sure to generalize all business, personal, and premise information.

BankOnIT utilizes multiple layers of security and filtering to detect and mitigate malicious content backed by our 24/7 Cyber Security Annex. BankOnIT is constantly monitoring for cyber security threats and keeping a pulse on the evolving threats that arise.


[1] AI Voice Scam (https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2023/03/05/ai-voice-scam/)
[2] I Cloned Myself with AI (https://www.wsj.com/articles/i-cloned-myself-with-ai-she-fooled-my-bank-and-my-family-356bd1a3?st=v1hmrl2dyh81fso&reflink=mobilewebshare_permalink) 

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