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27 Apr, 2018

Why Use Cloud Computing?

Better Results: Cloud Computing helps provide better results for your bank.

Imagine if your bank could add new locations, make acquisitions or grow organically and do all of that without having the traditional costs associated with IT. Scalability to support growth is a huge benefit of cloud computing. The Bankers Private Cloud® allows you to have unlimited growth without buying servers, networking equipment or hiring more staff to support the network. Think of deploying a new application and having it available in hours instead of weeks, all without having to buy a server or network hardware. Cloud computing helps you spend less time and effort on IT while also spending less on capital intensive purchases.

Cyber threats are rapidly increasing and evolving; would you like to have defenses to these threats as they are introduced without having to buy additional products? For every new cyber threat that occurs it seems there is a new product to buy to defend against the threat. Unfortunately, many of these products are standalone services that create gaps between other security products you are already paying for, creating weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network. Add the time and effort required to analyze and assess the value of each of these products to that and you wind up paying more than you expected for a result that has holes in it. The Bankers Private Cloud® solves this problem by building security into the entire process. Rather than being a bolt-on addition, the Bankers Private Cloud® provides the flexibility to integrate security at every step. And when new security threats arise, new defenses can be created and implemented automatically, providing you a solution without gaps.

“We’re moving IT from the back room to the boardroom”; how are you addressing heightened regulatory focus on Information Security from examiners? Regulators are making comments like this more and more to emphasize the risk cyber threats represent to banks. What results would you get if you had legal and compliance staff monitoring for regulatory changes that impact IT, updating your policies and risk assessments as the rules changed? And what if you had a way to track all of the tasks related to IT compliance so that you would know which tasks had been completed, which ones were to be done and which were past due? The Bankers Private Cloud® provides all of these capabilities and more.

If your bank had thousands of employees using tens of thousands of devices across a dozen or more states what economies of scale could you achieve? Vast economies of scale create strategic advantages that previously only the very largest banks were able to achieve. Not any longer. With the Bankers Private Cloud®, banks of all sizes can gain capabilities and efficiencies from economies of scale that were previously out of reach.

The Bankers Private Cloud® provides, as a service, the servers and technical resources your bank needs (servers, firewalls, switches, people to run it, and help with policies, risk assessments, auditors and examiners). You don’t have to buy the individual components and hire people to assemble the components and keep them running. Bankers Private Cloud® is not about technology, it’s about what you need to make your bank more efficient, more profitable, and better able to serve your customers’ needs, allowing you to thrive rather than simply survive.

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