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6 Mar, 2018

Lost an Hour to Daylight Saving Time?

These banks gained back far more than one hour.

What would your 2018 look like if you were able to spend less time on technology issues while gaining far more capabilities? And, what if these capabilities provided better reliability, increased security, fewer problems and a better outcome with your technology systems?

Banks in multiple states hired BankOnIT within the first 60 days of 2018 so they could gain these same capabilities. BankOnIT is a way for them to spend less time on information technology while getting better results and gaining more time to accomplish their banks’ objectives.

“Each bank that selects BankOnIT has individual reasons for doing so; yet, they all have something in common,” Robert Mendez, BankOnIT’s executive vice president, said. “They all want more capabilities and better outcomes with their network technology than what they are currently receiving from other vendors or achieving on their own. Each bank wants this while also being able to spend less time and effort on IT. That is exactly the solution that BankOnIT provides them.”

BankOnIT provides network technology solutions exclusively for banks. One bank recently chose BankOnIT as a way to help better manage cybersecurity risks while also gaining a broader and deeper bench of talent, allowing the bank to have a permanent IT staffing solution. Choosing BankOnIT will also help the bank keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology environment and the increased regulatory requirements associated with technology.

Another bank decided it was time to end the financial burden associated with continuously analyzing, buying, installing and disposing of servers and network hardware and instead solve their issue with an outcome-based approach by hiring BankOnIT. This allowed them to eliminate multiple other vendors and reduce service gaps that were creating security, reliability and responsiveness risks between those vendors.

Ernie Yake, senior vice president of BankOnIT, explained that another of the new client banks was growing and the individual responsible for IT also had to manage a loan portfolio. BankOnIT is giving the bank greater flexibility and is freeing up this executive’s time so they have more time to spend on lending, allowing for accelerated responsiveness in making and assimilating acquisitions.

“Letting bank management have time to be bank management was critical to our newest client bank,” Yake said.

Whether a bank’s goal is gaining improved security, eliminating gaps between multiple vendors, supporting the ability to grow or just gaining more time to be a banker, clients of BankOnIT’s Bankers Private Cloud® receive solutions that help them address their unique needs.

Founded by bankers, for bankers, BankOnIT has the infrastructure, scalability and expertise that enables banks of all sizes to be confident in the security, reliability, capability and scalability of their information technology solutions.

For more information on how your bank can obtain exceptional value and better outcomes, contact us at 800-498-8877, option 2, or Solutions@BankOnITUSA.com.

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